Frequently Asked Questions

  • What equipment/gear do I need to provide for the course if I run it onsite?

    Our dedicated instructors bring all of the equipment required for that specific course from; projectors and laptop for the theory to all height safety PPE equipment for the practical. They just require adequate space for the theory with power, and suitable safe practical space.

  • What facilities do you require for the theory sessions if run on site?

    Any suitable indoor meeting room with tables and chairs electrical power, where the delegates will be comfortable learning the importance of height safety practices, away from distractions of noise and other working conditions.

  • If I run a course on site, what do you require for the practical elements?

    Our trainers will bring all practical training equipment, they just require a safe space with three anchor points (columns, railings, fencing, metal structures, rebar or anything capable of supporting 300kg) placed at right angles and spaced between 5 and 20 meters. But if site access is unavailable. We strive to be as accommodating as possible and can conduct practical lessons in car parks, fields and classrooms when necessary.

  • How many people can I put on a course?

    We will quote for a range of class sizes from 1-5, 6-10, 11-20, but if you require more than 20, to insure that everybody is competent with the practical activities you would be required to book another day.

  • Are there any extra charges?

    We try to keep course costing to a minimum. There are some additional surcharges if courses are required at weekends, or if the travel to the specific site location causes our trainers to be booked out for additional day(s). This is reviewed on a course per course basis by our bookings team, due to the fact we train all over the country, and through careful planning we try to mitigate against this.

  • How far will you travel?

    We are based in Gosport, Hampshire. We pride ourselves on running courses anywhere in the UK, and have also travelled to many countries outside of the UK to deliver our height safety training. There maybe some additional fees for travel to sites with a travel time of over 3.5hrs of travel in good traffic, but this is reviewed on a course per course basis by our bookings team, due to the fact we train all over the country, and through careful planning we try to mitigate against this.

  • I wish to host a course in Scotland or Northern Ireland are their any additional costs?

    Where possible we try to mitigate against this, put if this is not possible a fee will be applied, please contact our team for more advise.

  • Can I request a specific start time for a course?

    Where possible we try to be flexible to meet your unique requirements for the course, typically courses onsite starting at 8am, or 9am at our training centre in Gosport. But you can specify a start time when you book a course which the trainer will confirm with you beforehand.

  • How do I book or change dates?

    To book or amend a booking of a course please contact the team on 01920-824100 or You can provisionally reserve a training date for 24hrs. The booking will be confirmed once the booking form has been returned to us fully completed.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Provisional training dates can only be reserved for 24hrs before booking is lost.

    Booking confirmation is only accepted on full completion and return of the training booking form.

    Cancellations or amendments must be notified within 10 working days for a full refund or 7 days for a 50% refund. Notice of 6 days or under will result in the full cost of the course being invoiced.

    Photo ID licences and Certificates will be released on receipt of payment.

    If delegate numbers change on the day of training, you will be charged according to the group size.

  • How long does it take for the cards and certificates to arrive

    Photo ID licences and certificates will be send directly to the company paying the invoice within 10 days of payment.

  • What is it best to get to the Gosport Training Centre?

    The training centre has adequate free parking for all delegates, and is situated 20 minutes from Fareham or Portsmouth Harbour train station, requiring a small commute via public transport.

  • Can I run two courses back to back on the same day, for example a rescue and level 1?

    Unfortunately not, we try to be as accommodating as possible we believe that this would put not only the delegates but the trainers under pressure, and reduce the quality of our provision.