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An award winning UK height safety training provider & equipment manufacturer striving to make the workplace a safe place.

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Our Story

Gravity never sleeps.
So neither do we.

The history of work at height is a testament to the people who put their lives on the line every day. Unsafe methods, carelessness, poor equipment... It's no surprise accidents at height were (and still are) the biggest cause of death in the workplace. Determined to make a difference we embarked on our mission to protect lives and set new standards for the industry.

Fast forward over a decade and we’re still working tirelessly in the fight against Gravity. We’ve come a long way since the early days and grown an incredible team of experts in work at height, education, access solutions and product design. They continue to innovate and deliver the best hand crafted height safety equipment and training courses to individuals and international giants alike — all from our headquarters in the south of England.

Leading Edge is more than a company. It’s an ethos. A symbol of integrity, ingenuity and excellence. And that’s why thousands of people all over the world choose us for their height safety training and equipment every year. Come and be part of the journey.

Leading Edge Trinity
The Edge

Experts in both Training
& Equipment.

Being a training provider and equipment manufacturer helps us to understand the connection between workers, work methods and equipment in ways other companies aren't able. Whatever height access challenge you face we have the technical expertise to work out (or create) the best access solutions for your job.

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Safety starts with education.

Our roots as a height safety training company were modest, but by honing our craft and working closely with our clients to help them solve their height access challenges it wasn’t long before we became a go-to for blue-chip companies. Since then we’ve enabled countless small and large scale teams to work safely at height across many industries and have even been invited by governments to advise in development of legislation.

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Manufacturing quality equipment in the UK.

Realising training was half the battle, we pooled together decades of experience to develop a pioneering range of high-end height safety equipment with our own team in our own factory. Success came from combining a deep understanding of workers needs with a simple design philosophy and the highest production standards. The results speak for themselves — from Canada to Kazakstan, Leading Edge products are keeping people safe at height all over the world.

Thousands trained.
Countless accidents prevented.

Total Trained*

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Valid Licences

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* Total number of people trained by Leading Edge as of May 23, 2022.

Keeping the worlds biggest
companies safe at height.

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Walt Disney
Rolls Royce
Network Rail
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