4½ h 1 Theory Practical Break 3 15 h h h

Course Overview

Discover how to examine and detect mechanical or material faults in your equipment, allowing you to confidently re-certify or decommission any type of Working at Height PPE throughout service life. You’ll also learn how to record and maintain your findings in a self-directed inspection log that saves you time, money and provides essential protection for both employees and employers.

The course follows best practises in line with British Standards BSEN365:2004, BS8437:2005 & A1:20012.

Key Topics

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at working at height supervisors, managers and health and safety advisors to ensure that all working at height PPE is fit for purpose. Every course is tailored to your unique working at height PPE Inspection requirements and trade sphere. If you are looking to learn how to securely tether your tools at height, try our drop prevention course.

  • Aftercare Access

  • Valid for 3 years

  • Recognised Certs & ID's

  • All Kit Provided

Trainees on PPE inspection competent person course inspeting height safty harnesses and equipment


Spot hazards.
Track findings.

The theory phase equips you with essential knowledge of inspection legislation and the factors that effect product and service life. We then teach you everything you need to begin creating and maintaining formal 6-monthly equipment inspection logs.

Height safety PPE Inspection training course. 7 trainees learning how to wear and inspect height safety equipment correctly


Inspect 50+ real PPE items.

You won't just learning how to assess a wide array of materials and components. You'll perform real inspections on a huge assortment of over 50 real PPE items in various conditions that we bring to your course. There's simply no better way to master the inspection process.

PPE safety inspector testing a rescue/evacuation ladder during leading edge PPE inspection competent person course


Your passport to competence.

After finishing this course you'll be able to formally control and maintain your companies PPE as a licensed appointed person. From here you can continue to competently perform formal kit inspections on a full range height safety equipment in-line with the British standards and best practices

leading edge van with fall protection equipment displayed


All kit provided.

We provide our own projector, screen, laptop, props and bags of inspection equipment to deliver theory lessons. We just need somewhere to teach. So, if you're booking a course on your site, don't forget to arrange a training room that can hold the appropriate number of people.



Your license to work.

By completing this course you will be awarded with an industry recognised Leading Edge license card and certificate. The card is valid for 3 years and requires renewal after the expiry date stated at the time of issue.

  • Theory Modules

  • 1 Hours


Learn More

  • Course Objectives
  • Why we need height safety


Learn More

  • Regulations
  • Legal Duties


Learn More

  • Product Life
  • Service Life
  • Conformity

Ladder Practices

Learn More

  • Principles of First Use
  • Accident Prevention
  • Good/Bad Practise
  • Safe Work Methods
  • Practical Modules

  • 3 Hour

Inspection Exam

  • Formally inspect a selection of 50+ PPE items and record your findings in an assesed inspection log

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