4h 15min 2 ½ h Theory Practical Break 1 ½ h 15min

Course Overview

Master the process of selecting and applying cutting-edge tool tethering solutions to your existing tooling for safe work at height. This course aims to inspire and motivate those who work at height with tools — or who are responsible for those workers — to take action against the dangers of dropped objects, gain practical tethering skills and foster safety in the workplace.

Key Topics

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at individuals, supervisors and managers who use tools at height. Every course is tailored to your unique working at height tool requirements, and trade. We also stock a large range of high-quality tool tethering solutions, all of which are CE approved and trusted by industry professionals!

  • Aftercare Access

  • Valid for 3 years

  • Recognised Certs & ID's

  • All Kit Provided


Put an end to
dropped objects.

After covering statistics and legislation that help you understand why tethering is so important, you'll not only discover what testing methods to look for when buying tethers, but learn how to safely transport and store your tethered tooling. You'll also learn classifications of different tool types and the options available for tethering them, giving you the skills to select and apply the correct tethers to your own tools.


Tether real tools.

The real benefit of this course is the full three hours you'll get to physically practice selecting and applying a wide range of tethers to different types of tooling. We'll also show you how to use the Leading Edge tethering roadmap to help you find a complete tethering solution.


Your passport to competence.

Correctly tethering a tool takes more than tying a piece of string around the handle. It's about fully understanding the risks, configuration and selection, equipment mechanics, usage and best practices. This course gives you the all the knowledge, awareness and practical skills to create a safe tool tethering solution.


Get certified.
With a Formal Exam.

We believe your employees Tool Tethering skills should be proven just like any other Height Safety course. That's why every trainee must sit a multi-choice examination to demonstrate their competence to use tools safely at height.


All kit provided.

We provide our own projector, screen, laptop, the latest tool safety products, and a bag full of tethering equipment and tools to deliver the practical and theory lessons. We just need somewhere to teach. So if you're booking a course on your site, don't forget to arrange a training room that can hold the appropriate number of people.



Your license to work.

By completing this course you will be awarded with an industry recognised Leading Edge license card and certificate. The card is valid for 3 years and requires renewal after the expiry date stated at the time of issue.

  • Theory Modules

  • 2 ½ Hours


Learn More

  • Course Objectives
  • Why we need height safety
  • Work At Height Statistics
  • Effects of Falling


Learn More

  • WAH Reguations
  • HSE Guidance
  • Codes of Practise
  • British Standards

Drop Prevention

Learn More

  • Mitigating Controls
  • Pre-Work Conciderations

Product Testing

Learn More

  • Static Drop Testing
  • Dynamic Drop Testing


  • An independently marked multi-choice paper to test your knowledge.

Tools At Height

Learn More

  • Usage
  • Transportation
  • Storage

Handle Classification

Learn More

  • Captive Holes
  • Captive Handles
  • Open-Ended Handles
  • Moulded Grips
  • Rotating Tools
  • Shapes Tools
  • Waisted Tools
  • Insulated Tools
  • Practical Modules

  • 1 ½ Hour

Tethering Equipment: Configuration & Application

Learn More

  • Tethers
  • Lanyards
  • Tool Bags
  • Tool Belts
  • Tool Holsters

Tethering Roadmap

Learn More

  • Learn how to use the Leading Edge Tethering Roadmap to find a complete tethering solution for your tools.

Tethering Assessment

Learn More

  • Practise selecting and fitting different tethering solutions onto a range of different tool types.

Tethering Q&A & Review

Learn More

  • Ask questions and discuss any remaining tethering query you have with our tethering expert.

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