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Tethering Products

Your tools.
Safe in seconds.

Whatever tool you use at height, we've got a tether for it. Explore our range of dynamically drop-tested, CE approved, serialised and over-engineered tool tethering equipment — for when absolute safety is the only option.

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Tethering Training

Master the art of tethering.

Sign up for the Leading Edge Tool Tethering course and master the process of identifying, selecting and applying the right tethering solutions for work at height with your existing tools.

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a word of caution

Not all manufacturers test to the same standards.

We go to great lengths to ensure our products pass strict European testing protocols, but be aware that since there are no global standards products manufactured outside the UK may follow less stringent testing requirements. Whenever you purchase equipment we highly advise you contact the manufacturer and request a detailed breakdown of their testing methods (especially dynamic drop testing, and adequate safety factors) before making the decision to introduce new products into your workflow.

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Tether Guide

Find the right tethers
for your tools.

Confused by all the tethering options out there?
Discover which tethers to use with a variety of different tools types.

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Tethering Roadmap

One flowchart.
Every tethering solution.

Answer a few simple questions and follow the roadmap to find a complete end-to-end tool tethering solution.

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Free Consultation

Talk to a Tethering Expert

At Leading Edge Safety we believe education is the key to safety. That's why we're offering free consultations with a tool tethering expert at Leading Edge HQ or at your own site. It's your chance to get your hands on a whole range of tethering products and discuss any questions you have about tool tethering for work at height.

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