8 h 1½ Theory Practical Break 6 30 h h min

Course Overview

Leading Edge height safety rescue training gives you the skills to execute instant recoveries using descent, haul or winch rescue systems. Together they enable recovery from any situation by raising or lowering a casualty to safety. Choose which method you need (or all three) and gain complete competence to rig, deploy and conduct the safe recovery of a fall victim in under 5 minutes.

Key Topics

Who is it for?

This course is aimed for individuals working at height who may be required to conduct a rescue at height, or for those involved in the creation of a safety rescue plan, for example site teams, or subcontractors. Every course is tailored to your unique working at height requirements and trade sphere. You may also be interested in our single-rescue course.

  • Aftercare Access

  • Valid for 3 years

  • Recognised Certs & ID's

  • All Kit Provided

fall casualty example during height safety training . Male in fall position wearing fall restraint equipment


Learn the devastating effect of falling on the body.

It only takes five minutes for the onset of suspension intolerance to change a life forever. Venous pooling, orthostatic intolerance, vascular shock — learn how these devastating conditions affect a fall casualty. We’ll study the science and look at some eye-opening statistics to reveal why a rescue plan is essential for protecting people who work at height.

height safety rescue kit


Master your chosen height recovery system.

Explore 3 different recovery systems, discover their suitability and effectiveness for various recovery scenarios and get in depth practical training in the system/s of your choice. We'll also look a the process and frequency of equipment inspection as well as anchorage considerations you will commonly encounter in the field.

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Leading Edge at height edge roller


Live drills and exercises.
Under pressure.

By conducting repeated self and assisted recoveries — in vertical and horizontal rigged positions with a variety of fall protection equipment — you'll gain total confidence recovering a fall casualty with your chosen rescue system/s. And to test you can act under pressure we'll do a 5-minute rescue challenge to compete for the fastest, safest recovery.

leading edge van with fall protection equipment displayed


All kit provided.

We provide our own projector, screen, laptop, props, rescue dummy, bags full of rescue gear to deliver both the theory and practical lessons. We just need somewhere to teach. So, if you're booking a course on your site, don't forget to arrange a training room that can hold the appropriate number of people.



Your license to work.

By completing this course you will be awarded with an industry recognised Leading Edge license card and certificate. The card is valid for 3 years and requires renewal after the expiry date stated at the time of issue.

  • Theory Modules

  • 3.5 Hours


Learn More

  • Course Objectives
  • Why we need height safety
  • Rescue Statistics
  • Operator Controls

Harness Training

Learn More

  • Effects of Falling
  • Limitations
  • Rescue Steps
  • Don a Harness


Learn More

  • WAH Regulations
  • HSE Guidance
  • Codes of Practise
  • British Standard

Suspension Intolerance

Learn More

  • Venous Pooling
  • Orthostatic Intolerance
  • Pre-Syncope
  • Syncope

Reflow Syndrome

Learn More

  • Preload
  • Vascular Shock

Rescue Systems

Learn More

  • Self Recovery
  • Haul System
  • Descent System
  • Winch System
  • Practical Modules

  • 1 Hour


  • Safety Brief
  • Informal Risk Assessment
  • Establish Safe Work Area
  • Basic Setup
  • Don A Harness

Self Recovery With Rescue Ladders

Learn More

  • Orientation
  • Rigging & Deployment
  • Climbing & Relief Techniques
  • Post Use Checks
  • Packing & Storage

Aided Recovery
With Rescue Systems

Learn More

  • Orientation
  • Rigging & Deployment
  • Rescue System Operation
  • Post Use Checks
  • Packing & Storage

5 Minute
Rescue Challenge

Learn More

  • Test your competence in a live rescue experience.

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