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Product Testing

Safety. Proven.

At Leading Edge we take the scope of our quality control and testing protocols extremely seriously. Every product is tested to far exceed the requirements of current standards and legislation.

Testing Standards

Future-proof tethering.

At this present time no testing standards exist for dropped object prevention equipment. We know it's only a matter of time until they do, so we use the testing protocols outlined in article 11b of the European Council Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with BS EN 364:1993 — the highest standards already in place for PPE harnesses and lanyards.

Testing Methods

All tool safety equipment classified as structurally rated must surpass two rigorous testing methods.

Static Test

We attach the product to an anchor point and apply pressure by hanging a suitable weight from it. If it can withstand a minimum of 3 minutes without signs of damage or weakening it achieves a pass.

- The static testing must be performed 3 times each on 3 individual items for approval.

Dynamic Drop Test

We attach a weight to the product, elevate it and release it into a Fall Factor 2 to simulate a dropped object event. The product must show no signs of structural failure after imapact.

- The Dynamic Test must be performed 3 times each on 3 individual items for approval.

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A word of caution

Not all manufacturers test to the same standards.

We go to great lengths to ensure our products pass strict testing standards, but be aware that since there is no legal requirement some manufacturers may not. Whenever you purchase equipment we highly advise you contact the manufacturer and request a detailed breakdown of their testing methods (especially dynamic drop testing) before making the decision to introduce new products into your workflow.

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Safe Working Loads

Huge safety factors.

All structurally rated Leading Edge products boast a whopping 47x safety factor. We purposefully over engineer our products to withstand heavier loads over longer distances than a typical real world scenario would allow — that's how we fully guarantee your safety.

Certificate Of Conformity
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Declaration of Conformity. Supplied with every product.

Every item that leaves our factory comes with full documentation containing technical specifications, serial numbers, testing methods, safe working loads and inspection results proving it has passed all necessary requirements for work at height.

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