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Height Safety

Safety critical gear for people who work at height.
Handmade, tested, rated and certified in the UK.

Tool Bags Factory
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In-House Manufacturing

Quality equipment.
Made in the UK.

All Leading Edge products are manufactured by our own team in our own UK factory to maintain the highest standard of quality and safety.

Kit Inspection
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Triple Inspection

Three checks safer.

Throughout the production cycle every item gets independently checked by three different inspectors and signed off along the way. That's how we guarantee the strictest standards of quality control and safety.

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Product Aftercare

Free Kit Inspection

On average it costs £7.50 per item for third party kit inspection. To reduce your running costs we offer a free 6 monthly formal inspection service supplied with all necessary paperwork. Ship us your kit, we'll re-certify it and ship it back — it's that simple and it won't cost you a penny.

Certificate Of Conformity
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Declaration of Conformity.
With every product.

Every item that leaves our factory comes with full documentation containing technical specifications, serial numbers, testing methods, working load limit and inspection results proving it has passed all necessary requirements for work at height.

Product Performance
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Built to last.
Day in, day out.

For the people who value strength, endurance and longevity in their height safety equipment — we use only the very best materials, components and manufacturing methods.

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Made for professionals.

By training every day we see how people work in the real world. Every design decision in every product is made with you in mind — Leading Edge products don't just look good, they're safer and easier to use.

Icon Harness


Maximum protection with your choice of non-elasticated or elasticated material for superior comfort.

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Icon Lanyards


Get connected with multi-braid rope or stronger-than-steel Dyneema webbing lanyards.

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Lifeline Kits
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Lifeline Kits

Maximise your work area and support multiple users with pendulum and fall-preventing lifeline systems.

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Lanyard 3
Lanyard 6
Honor Block
Lifeline 2
Harness 2
Restraint Products
Icon Restraint Systems

Restraint Systems

Unleash the benefits of a greater work area, combining restraint & fall arrest into one complete system.

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Honor Reels
Icon Inertia Reel

Inertia Reels

Arrest a fall with the worlds most advanced inertial reels. Engineered & certified for safe work over an edge.

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Icon Anchorage

Anchorage & Connectors

Lock down your height safety systems with a temporary anchorage solution for every scope of work.

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At height you're only as safe
as your equipment.